Nicolas Carone: Painting Treasure
"Heads and Landscapes"

Original Exhibit Dates: March 2 to April 3, 2010

Nick Carone started studying and painting at age 11. At 25 Carone received the Prix de Rome and in 2009, while still painting at 92, Carone received the Pollack-Krasner Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In the interim years Carone studied with Hans Hoffman, apprenticed with Leon Kroll, taught at New York Studio School and Cooper Union and lived at the Springs with fellow painters and friends Jackson Pollock and de Kooning. Of local note Carone, when he was Director of the famous Stable Gallery, gave Bob Rauschenberg his first New York show.

While Carone was part of the New York School and associated with Abstract Expressionism, three years studying in Italy during his formative years greatly influenced his work. The Landscapes and Heads in this exhibit epitomize Carone’s life-long fascination with the use of metaphor and imagined imagery in art making.

Nicolas Carone Images